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Educational Presentations & School Assemblies

Wild Things, Inc. presents several educational and exciting presentations for school assemblies, private organizations, and public appearances. Our programs include:

  • Animals of the world - There is an amazing diversity of life on earth. Meet animal ambassadors from 5 continents and hear their personal stories. You will laugh and cry as you learn about these animals that inhabit the corners of the earth. This program includes an African Vervet Monkey, Kangaroo, and others.
  • Animals of Africa - Baboons, Camels and Lizards, Oh My! The continent of Africa houses some of the most amazing animals on the planet! In this program, you will learn (and Laugh) about the social habits of a primate troop, how a giant frog survives the hot dry summer, and other astounding ways in which the wildlife of Africa survive s in this often harsh environment.
  • North American Wildlife - Join us on a journey through the wilderness of North America. Watch in wonder as we present the animals that inhabit this rugged country. Come face to face with a 7 foot alligator, Bald Eagle, and more.
  • The Amazing Amazon - We hear depressing news regarding the destruction of the rainforest daily. This special presentation is designed to enlighten and instil l excitement about the portion of the rainforest that is left untouched and full of life. From the creepy crawlies of the rainforest floor, to the far reaches of the canopy, your group will learn about the wonderful wildlife that call the Amazon Rainforest their home.
  • Beasts of the Backyard - There are many wild animals that share the areas we call home, even surviving in the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a visit from some of these California critters and learn how they adapt to life among us. The Tule Elk is one who has come back from the brink of extinction to once again graze on the hillsides of California's Coastal Range.

To schedule us for a school assembly, public show, or private event; please refer to our show requests page.